JB Shreve

All the False Gods

Episode Summary

In the book of Exodus, Moses confronted not only Pharaoh but a wide array of false gods represented that the Egyptians worshipped. Each plague was targeted against a unique Egyptian god as the one true God flexed His mighty arm to devastate an empire, deliver His people, and fulfill His will. Imagine what it must have felt like to be among the children of God during that dramatic sequence of events! In this podcast devotional, JB Shreve looks at that wide array of false gods that compete for our loyalty in the modern era. This is not simply a political age of outrage and social justice. It is an era where a battle between the one true God and an array of false gods is unfolding. In this unfolding drama, people of faith should recognize what is taking shape and not be seduced into the wrong battles or sources of strength.

Episode Notes

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